Paulo Melo is a Designer & Creative Director working in a wide range of creative disciplines, such as graphic design, art direction, photography, digital media, and illustration.

With a firm belief in creativity as the ultimate source of inspiration, capable of engaging individuals on a personal level, he's been helping his clients to define their business objectives, communicate their messages, and build their brands, through bespoke design solutions.

Other than that, he’s regularly working on fine art projects as a photographer, and as a collage artist, he keeps himself busy working on commissioned artwork, mainly within the fashion industry.

Currently he’s the Senior Design Director at Ziegert Group.


Urbanara, Lumaland, The Social Chain AG, Einstürzende Neubauten, JCDecaux, Velvet Nation, Radeberger Gruppe, Nike Foundation, Erik Spiekermann, Madame Magazine, Time Square Arts, Automat, Soundwalk Collective, Trendland, Rave on Snow, Partysan Central, Holzmarkt 25, Stiftung Mercator, Philip Morris, Berliner Sparkasse, School of Visual Arts...


ArtDirection, Marketing Strategy, Communication, Brand Identity, Campaign, Image-Making, Experiential Marketing, Content Creation, Photo Conception, Moving Image, Digital Media, Print & Editorial Design, Namimg & Brand Tagline.


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